Why is it called Yeti Planet? And are there lots of Yeti’s?

The name Yeti Planet comes from a games development company I set up making Android apps. Currently the game is called “Yeti Planet” because I had the domain and it doesn’t sound too bad. It might change in the future. As for the Yeti’s, I haven’t decided how many, but there will be a few.

When can I play?

I plan to release the game following a similar pattern to how Minecraft was released. This means FREE “early early early” alpha versions. They will be fully unrestricted and will be the full game as it is at that point in time. The game will get released like this for a long time. Eventually (and if the game is popular enough) I’d like to release an early access version starting at around £5/$10. The price will increase over time  as the game develops but all upgrades will be free, so if you bought the early access version you will get access to the latest versions too.


I’d like to get the first “early early early” alpha version out by Easter 2016, maybe a little before.