Devblog 4

These past couple of days have been so frustrating creating the inventory system. Firstly, because it is difficult getting everything connected to the rest of the game and secondly, because I couldn’t settle on a style. So I ended up making a couple of versions. I redeveloped the structure behind the inventory items to make it scalable in the future and this included the early structures for crafting requirements.

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Devblog 3


Well this week has been more of a planning week rather than a doing week but these plans will help the game more in the right direction. Some of the biggest things we got the ball rolling on was the start of the AI system. Other plans have been less glamorous but are things which will impact the places you can visit in the world, so not glamorous but massively important. We’ve also been demo’ing the game to groups of people over the past few weeks too and we’ve had some really cool feedback.

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